A litigation attorney at Larson and Larson, which is based in Largo, can help you when your copyrights, trademarks, or patents have been infringed. If you feel it is too late because you did not act promptly, do not give up. You may still have a chance to enforce your rights or receive compensation. Every situation is different, so if you are in doubt, make sure to talk to an experienced litigation attorney.

Below are three examples of when hiring a litigation attorney would be in your best interest.

Someone Republishes Your Photographs

Photographs that you took ultimately belong to you and are protected under the Copyright Law of the United States. If you discover your copyrighted images of the beautiful sunset or your favorite park in downtown Largo on someone else’s website or publication, you can take action against the person or entity that infringed your copyrighted works. The infringing party may be required to immediately cease displaying the images, and you may be compensated for the infringement.

Someone Uses Your Trademark

Does your business operate under a unique name or logo? Trademarks are your brand and signature; they define your company’s reputation. If an off-brand tries to use your name or logo on their products, your company’s reputation is at stake. Your trademark may be infringed, and you should immediately discuss your options with a litigation attorney. Trademark infringement can result in many unsatisfactory experiences for consumers of your goods or services. Do not let an infringer sully your brand or hard-earned reputation.

Someone Steals Your Invention

Have you invented a novel method or apparatus?  If so, you should immediately talk to a patent attorney to understand how US patent laws protect your invention. Do not stand by while someone makes, uses, or sells, your invention or takes credit for your intellectual property. Hire a litigation attorney in Largo to enforce your rights.

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Has your intellectual property —such as a copyrighted work, trademark, or patent — been infringed upon? Do not sit back and feel helpless while someone profits from your hard work. In Largo, a litigation attorney at Larson and Larson can discuss your situation, and together we can work out how to make things right. Call us at (727) 546-0660 today!