Keeping your designs and intellectual property safe from theft is vital for any business or entrepreneur. With help from the right patent attorney office, clients can avoid complications and lengthy legal battles. Tampa Bay entrepreneurs should not wait until an idea catches hold to get proper protection. A patent provides you with exclusive rights, which is highly beneficial to an enterprise. The exception is that they must meet specific guidelines. For one, the product cannot be obvious. Something that is already essential or obvious and non-unique will not qualify. A Tampa Bay legal firm like Larson & Larson specializes in helping inventors protect their intellectual property.

Assistance with Determining a Valid Patent

When it comes to verifying if you have a unique idea, legal definitions and guidelines state that the product or design must be:

  • functional or have a purpose;
  • novel;
  • non-obvious; and
  • non-disclosed.

If you are unsure about the criteria, a patent attorney office like Larson & Larson can answer your questions. Larson & Larson also provides comprehensive support when it comes to maintaining your patents and trademarks. Rather than just helping you gain ownership, The Firm also assists in the prosecution and protection of your intellectual property. Tampa Bay inventors can ease the process with legal support.

Help with Filing the Correct Paperwork

A significant benefit of working with a patent attorney office is that you receive the right guidance for protecting your intellectual property. You’ll also get the most current information. Online sites may give advice using out-of-date regulations, causing you to waste your time. Government sites may also be outdated or hard to navigate. Questions can arise as to which site is right or how to best proceed. Even with the proper forms, online instructions can be confusing and vague.

Call the Patent Attorney Office of Larson and Larson in Tampa Bay

Businesses and individuals in Tampa Bay can work with a patent attorney office to avoid snags in the process. When it comes to securing your innovations and prosecuting intellectual property theft, look no further than Larson & Larson. You can contact us by going online or calling (727) 546-0660 today.