Theft is no longer limited to physical items. In fact, stealing takes many forms, ranging from identity to intellectual property. Many of us post to social media and see our pictures, ideas, or designs in use by someone else. In the age of digital information, ideas spread faster than ever, and you have to protect your work. A Tampa Bay patent attorney can help you to obtain true ownership of your property — digital or physical. Patent protection is necessary because, without it, you can easily find yourself cheated out of the credit you deserve.

Do Not Skip Out on a Patent Attorney

To avoid fees, many people attempt to tackle the process without a patent attorney. Some may try to secure their ideas by following instructions found in online articles. However, there is a lot of false or misleading information online. Plus, there are several requirements necessary for officially securing your original work.

If you want to patent your intellectual property yourself, you must know the subject well. Any bad advice you follow can result in losing your intellectual property rights, and you may face lawsuits over ownership, style, design, or content. A patent attorney familiar with the processes can help you avoid legal pitfalls. From drawings to non-provisional patents, a lawyer can assist you every step of the way.

Hiring an attorney also ensures that you do not accidentally create something that already exists. A law firm specializing in patents can research other records not only in Tampa Bay but nationally and internationally as well. They similar inventions to determine whether your invention is novel and can be patented.

Who to Contact: Larson & Larson in Tampa

Where do you find a patent attorney in the Tampa Bay area to validate, secure, and protect your idea? Larson & Larson is a firm with experience in a diverse set of intellectual property practice areas. We offer several services, including:

  • Patent Applications
  • Trademark Applications
  • Copyright Applications
  • Licensing Agreement Preparation
  • International Filings

The attorneys at our Tampa Bay law firm specialize in intellectual property issues. We provide our clients with legal services and counseling. Our firm’s goal is to establish, maintain, and enforce intellectual property rights. We can serve you in protecting your investment and help you in getting the credit you deserve. Contact us today at (813) 223-3226 or contact us online to learn more.