Litigation Lawyer St PetersburgOnline media and modern software have made it difficult to be an independent creator; millions of anonymous users threaten —actively or passively— to appropriate your content on a daily basis. If you want to safeguard your work and protect it from theft, a copyright attorney serving Tampa can help you.

The Basics of Copyright

As an author of an original work (literary, dramatic, musical, etc.) the law gives you the right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute the work, perform the work, and display the work, whether it is published or unpublished. There are, of course, limitations and exceptions to the law and a copyright attorney serving Tampa can help you navigate the logistics. Consulting a lawyer experienced in this field is the safest bet to gain a full understanding of U.S. Copyright laws.

Protect Your Work

To protect your content you should:

  • Always display copyright notices. This informs others that you consider your work to be protectable under U.S. Copyright laws..
  • Disable right-clicking on images. This helps to prevents users from saving, modifying, or distributing your image.
  • Enable Google Alerts. This service alerts you whenever keywords in your content appear elsewhere on the web.
  • Use watermarks. Prevent screenshotting and copying by watermarking your works.
  • Register your Copyright. This provides legal protection to enforce against infringers.

The best thing to do to protect your work is to call a copyright attorney serving Tampa right away. They will guide you through the necessary steps to protect your work, and will explain your rights in detail.

My Content Was Stolen-Now What?

First, it is important to be sure that the material that was infringed does, in fact, belong to you. If it does, you should document the infringement as soon as possible. Evidence will be critical for proving the extent of the infringement. Next, you should meet with a copyright attorney serving Tampa and seek their guidance. With their experience and knowledge, they will know how to handle the next steps to keep you and your work protected.

Larson & Larson Is Your Copyright Attorney

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