Filing a patent or trademark for intellectual property that is all your own can be very exciting. You’ve worked hard, spent many sleepless nights ensuring it’s protected, and you’re ready to take on the paperwork and filing. To make sure nothing falls between the cracks, it is best to contact a lawyer who is experienced in patent law. They can speed up the process for you and make sure there are no loopholes in your file to allow your IP to fall out of your possession unexpectedly. A professional can also extend their assistance with international practice, as you want to make sure that your invention or idea is not only rightfully yours here in the United States, but overseas as well.

International Practice — Crossing Borders

When it comes to business and ideas, you rarely want to contain them to just one area of the world. Instead, most individuals and companies want to expand and grow, spreading their project far and wide to reach as many individuals as possible. When you are taking your idea to the market, you need to protect yourself in all areas of the world. With the internet spreading information in an instant, you can’t be too careful. Seek the help of a professional patent lawyer to prepare your trademark or copyright for international practice.

Larson and Larson Patent Law

At Larson and Larson, we have cultivated and refined strong relationships with firms from all over the globe. With our connections and expertise, we have been able to help many Tampa Bay residents in preparing to go overseas with their ideas. International practice can be confusing, but that is no reason to shrug it off and hope for the best outcome. Instead, tackle it head-on, and get the most recognition for your work as possible. After all, your intellectual property is your livelihood, so you have to guard it carefully.

When it comes to filing and managing foreign patent, trademark, copyright, and other licensing procedures, Larson and Larson has the experience and reliability that you need to get the job done efficiently with discretion. For more information about international practice, and to learn how we can help you get your business off on the right foot both domestically and internationally, contact us today at (727) 546-0660.