The United States government wants Tampa businesses to thrive by protecting them against unfair competition. If you are facing deceptive business practices either as a business or as a consumer, a litigation attorney at Larson in Larson can help you.

Unfair Competition Laws Protect Your Business

Unfair competition laws allow your litigation attorney to help you defend and protect your business against various deceptive practices. Consumer fraud or unfair competition can take many forms. When it comes to your business, you may feel cheated in cases of:

  • Infringement against your trademark or brand name
  • Defamation within your trade
  • Misappropriation of your company’s trade secrets

Before former employees, competitors, and other entities aim to harm or steal your business strategy, you should ensure that you have intellectual property rights to your registered trademarks, trade secrets, and business practices. By sitting down and discussing your situation with an experienced lawyer, you can shed light on the matter at hand and fully understand what you have to lose if you do not act, and what you have to gain if you do.

Unfair competition laws can be complicated because they are designed to protect competition in the marketplace while striving to distinguish between fair and unfair advantage. As you can imagine, proving unfair advantage is delicate, but if your intellectual property is infringed, let an experienced litigation attorney take your side in court.

Resolve Your Unfair Competition Case with Your Litigation Attorney at Larson and Larson

Surviving in today’s competitive marketplace in Tampa is a challenging enough prospect — do not let something like unfair competition practices stifle the success of your company’s brand or business practices. Call your litigation attorney at Larson and Larson by calling 727-546-0660. We will be glad to discuss your situation and figure out how we can help you today!