The first step when filing a trademark application is determine if you are registering for the right type of protection. Trademarks protect logos and brand names for services and goods. This is in contrast to patents, which protect inventions, and copyrights, which protect works of art like books, plays, songs, and movies. If you are not sure how to protect your intellectual property, an intellectual property attorney in Tampa can help.

1. A Registerable Mark

Not all logos can be trademarked. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reserves the right to deny applications that do not meet their guidelines. The mark may be too descriptive or too similar to another already in use.

2. A Complete USPTO Trademark Application

One of the most important parts of the trademark application process is filing with accuracy. If you fail to include information or make mistakes, your submission could be rejected or delayed. The application process can take anywhere from six to twelve months; unnecessary delays due to errors leave your intellectual property vulnerable to infringement.

3. The Advice and Guidance of a Trademark Attorney

An attorney in Tampa with experience in the trademark application process is an asset. A lawyer who specializes in trademarks can help you avoid mistakes on your application and perfect your submission, so it is more likely to receive approval.

4. Application Fees

The fees for a trademark application include both attorney’s fees and government filing fees.  By working with a trademark attorney in the Tampa area you can ensure that your application is filed correctly the first time.

Trust the Trademark Attorneys at Larson and Larson

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