Many entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists in Tampa want to trademark their brand in order to protect it from theft. However, not all of them want to go through the process of hiring and retaining a lawyer. While, it is true that having a trademark attorney is not required to file an application, the trademark process is deceptively more difficult than it appears. It is in your best interest to hire a professional to guide you through the process, as many individuals are not aware of the pitfalls and just how complicated the application process can be.

How a Trademark Attorney Can Help

A Tampa trademark attorney can help you in a number of ways. For starters, we can help you file your application. The majority of people filing applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are represented by a lawyer whose primary practice is focused on intellectual property.

The process of filing requires many steps and filing incorrectly can cost you money, effort, time, and possibly loss of your intellectual property rights. Your trademark attorney ensures that every step of the process is accurate and handled with the utmost care and consideration. Your lawyer will review the evidence of use of your trademarks to ensure that everything is filed correctly. We also navigate you through the process and ensure you comply with all deadlines and requirements.

With the help of your attorney in Tampa, you can verify that your application meets the registration requirements. If anything fails to meet the requirements, your lawyer can work with you to amend the application in accordance with the trademark rules.

Call in the Attorneys at Larson and Larson, P.A.

At Larson and Larson, P.A., we have assisted countless Tampa Bay area companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs with their legal needs. Intellectual property law is complicated, but having a skilled, experienced trademark attorney on your side is the key to success. For more information about our services or to begin the application process, call us today at (813) 223-3226.