Tampa Bay boasts a creative community, and we believe these works should be given the respect they deserve. Whether you are a songwriter, an illustrator, or an architect, your lyrics or drawings could become fodder for an infringement case. To protect your creations, whether blueprints, glassworks, or a sound recording, contact a copyright attorney. Not only can you learn more about your rights as an author, but you can also enforce your rights against others who have unlawfully reproduced your works.

Obtain Legal Assistance

To determine whether you require the advice of a copyright attorney, ask yourself whether you prefer to profit from your original works or give them away for free? Without copyright protection in place, other parties may use your material without giving you the credit or royalties you deserve. We understand that your art comes from the heart, but copyrightable works can support an entrepreneurial business venture. Creative folks in Tampa are prime candidates for litigation services if they make any of these copyrightable works:

  • Architectural drawings;
  • Motion pictures and audiovisual materials;
  • Sculptures, pictorial, and graphic designs;
  • Literary works, including computer software programs;
  • Sound recordings, musical numbers, as well as melodies and lyrics; or
  • Dramatic productions, including scripts, pantomimes, choreography, and music.

To secure the protection you need in Tampa Bay, turn to a copyright attorney.  Your imagination manifests in the artwork and music you create, and our professionals are here to help you protect your works. You may not have the proper legal training or experience to enforce your rights, so hire professionals to handle your case.

Select the Best Copyright Attorney in Tampa

At Larson and Larson Patent Law, we make it possible for artists and authors to protect their creative works against infringers. If you choose to work with a copyright attorney, not only will you own the rights to your design, but you will also be able to reproduce it, display it, distribute it, and sell it in Tampa and beyond. Our lawyers can also assist with:

  • Litigation;
  • Trademarks;
  • Patents;
  • Licensing; and
  • International Protection.

When it comes to creative works and intellectual property, the lawyers at Larson and Larson have you covered. Call 727-546-0660 to start the process today.