The role of your patent services team in Tampa is to convince an examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office that your invention is worthy of receiving patent protection. Depending on how you look at this, it may seem simple or complicated, and your mindset will influence your success. The team at Larson & Larson has experienced hundreds of different scenarios when it comes to protecting, licensing, and enforcing intellectual property. If you are looking for professionals who will be the right fit for you, make sure to look for the right skills.

Is Finding a Successful Patent Services Team Easy or Difficult?

When you know what to look for in your ideal team, you will have no problem finding the right firm. The important thing is to avoid oversimplifying the process, but also not over exaggerating it. When discussing your project with an attorney, remember to ask yourself the following questions:

Do They Speak My Language?

Speaking your language is the key to hiring a successful patent services team. No matter how technical your project is, your attorney must understand your idea because he or she is responsible for making sure that the invention is presented accurately to the examiner. At Larson and Larson in Tampa, our attorneys are experienced in many fields of technology, which means that they are not intimidated by technical terms and complicated processes. When you are choosing your team, make sure to understand the types of cases they have handled in the past.  Do not blindly trust someone who does not understand your intellectual property to handle your patent application.

Have they Done This Before?

Some law firms try to tackle many branches of law in one firm rather than specializing in a particular area. Patent and trademark law is highly complex. Law and technology are always in flux as updates and changes are made. Make sure that your patent services team specializes in intellectual property law and is up-to-date on the developments within this field. You will also want to ensure that they have successfully helped other clients with cases similar to yours. The more experienced the team, the more confident you can be that they will help you protect your intellectual property rights in Tampa.

Call Larson & Larson for Professional Patent Services

Confirm whether our patent services team at Larson & Larson in Tampa speaks your language and has successfully helped with cases just like yours. If you have any questions about your invention, trademark, or any other issue regarding your intellectual property rights, call Larson & Larson today at 727-546-0660.