Blogging for businesses is becoming widespread in Tampa. If you have built a solid blogging identity, your trademark attorney can help you register your name. Securing your name will allow you to move forward confidently with your blogging goals like building a following and strengthening your business knowing that you can take action in case someone tries to infringe upon your brand.

Do Bloggers Need a Trademark Attorney?

That all depends on you. If you are the owner of a unique, successful blog, having a federally protected trademark can help your trademark attorney enforce your rights if your brand is infringed.

A blog name is a brand name. People begin to identify your blog with the quality of your products or services. If you blog, you are investing time and effort to build a following of individuals who trust you. Knowing that the reputation you have earned in Tampa represents you, your products, or services and not those of another gives you the competitive edge you need to build your blogging brand.

What Do I Need To Do To Trademark My Blog?

If you are ready to proceed with the federal registration process, the first step is to decide your blog name. The mark of your blog can be a word or a group of words.

The next step is research. You will need to ensure that your trademark is not confusingly similar to any registered mark. Not only is conducting the due diligence necessary before filing your application, but it helps you avoid potential infringement issues.

Once you are confident that your mark is available, you will need to determine your class of good or services. For blogging, the categories often include the following:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Entertainment
  • Sporting
  • Cultural activities

Next, your trademark attorney can help you through the trademark filing and prosecution process in Tampa to avoid potential pitfalls while the application is pending.

Let Larson and Larson Help You Secure Your Blog Today

If you have a unique blog name, along with a tribe of followers, let your trademark attorney help you register your mark with the USPTO. Here at Larson and Larson in Tampa, we will assist you through every step of the registration process. Give us a call at 813-223-3226 or reach out to us to set up your consultation. Keep blogging in the meantime.