Litigation Lawyer Patent

Protecting your intellectual property calls for the help of an experienced litigation lawyer in Clearwater and Largo. Writers, artists, and businesses can secure their creative products with the help of an experienced attorney. Patents, trademarks and copyrights help prevent the unfair use of intellectual property.

Larson & Larson, Patent and Trademark Attorneys, specialize in protecting inventors, patent holders, artists and brand owners from infringement and unfair competition. If you are looking for a litigation lawyer in Largo and Clearwater for your case, or to act as local counsel, we offer extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law.


Inventors and designers can apply for a patent for any new device, process, design or even a new plant variety. The application process can be overwhelming for inventors. We have the experience to protect your intellectual property rights from application to realization. We have the resources and the nation-wide and international connections to provide protection against infringement of your legal rights.

In the marketplace of today, we want our clients to be positioned to take advantage of new and expanding global opportunities. We maintain professional associations that allow us to represent our client’s international interests.

Whether you have just started the process or you are looking for an experienced litigation lawyer, or local counsel, in Clearwater or Largo to protect an existing patent, we have the expertise you need.


Trademarks, similar to patents, are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We can help you navigate the process, from prior use searches, to drafting and filing the application papers, to licensing your mark to other businesses.

If you become engaged in any trademark disputes, you need an experienced litigation lawyer, in Clearwater, Largo and throughout Florida, or local counsel in the Middle District of Florida (MDFL). Larson & Larson maintains close associations throughout the USA and around the world to handle cases in multiple jurisdictions.


Litigation Lawyer Copyright

In this digital age, artists and writers need more vigilant protections than ever for their creative output. Anyone making a living from literary, musical or artistic endeavors must have a strategy and a support team in place to keep their creations secure and free from theft and infringement. The support of a proficient litigation lawyer in Clearwater and Largo will protect your craft from theft and unauthorized use, as well as serve as Middle District local counsel for the U.S. District Court – Middle District of Florida.

Copyrights secure specific exclusive rights to the creator. There are certain exceptions that can allow use of your work by others. With the line between infringement and fair use being blurred it is vitally important to have a team of attorneys on your side who specialize in protecting intellectual property. From inception to publication and beyond, Larson & Larson will establish, maintain and enforce your rights.

Unfair Competition

As technological progress has made it easier for companies, large and small, to compete ever more widely in an expanding marketplace, issues of unfair competition will often arise. Predatory pricing, patent and copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets and anti-trust violations are just a few of the issues that obstruct free markets and damage the bottom line for individuals and corporations alike.

We believe that fair competition makes sound markets and protects the rights of all the players. With our experience in every facet of intellectual property law, we vigorously safeguard the rights of our clients. If you or your company has been damaged by unfair practices, we want to be your litigation lawyer in Clearwater, Largo and the entire area.


We have considerable experience developing licensing agreements that allow patent, trademark and copyright holders to maximize the return on their work. We have performed wide-ranging work in all of these fields:

  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Biotechnology
  • Networking
  • Medical devices
  • Computer architecture
  • Digital logic

Our team brings together years of experience in a broad range of backgrounds and specialties. We put all of our expertise to work bringing your ideas from seed to success. Once your product is out in the market, we are your full service litigation lawyer in Largo and Clearwater.