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Patents are instruments designed to protect you from others making, using, selling, or importing products containing your invention. They may be obtained for an apparatus, a method, a composition of matter, the ornamental appearance of a product, and new plant varieties. In the United States they are valid for up to 20 years from the application date. While it is possible for an individual to apply for a patent without representation of a patent attorney, applications are highly stylized, with the application process requiring adherence to specific procedures. This is why we recommend enlisting an agent or patent attorney to assist you with the process, including writing the application, filing the necessary paper work, and responding to the patent office’s objections. Larson & Larson offers a full range of patent services, including novelty and infringement searches, as well as application preparation, filing, and prosecution.

Foreign Patent Applications

To assist our clients in protection of their intellectual property abroad, Larson & Larson has developed an international network of trusted foreign associates. Through these foreign associates, we can file patent applications around the world, and you can rely on the patent attorneys at Larson & Larson to track and manage your foreign applications. Call today to learn more about how a patent attorney can help you.

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Patent d562715
Patent d612904
Electrical Medical Patent 7931642
Electrical Patent 7701171
Electrical Patent 7814678
Mechanical Patent 7883077
Method Patent 7878396
Physics Patent 7351981
Software Patent 7637436
Software Patent 7762741