Patent Attorney | Tampa | Larson & LarsonIf you or your team has a million dollar innovation, a patent attorney at Larson & Larson, P.A. in Tampa can help you work through the process to protect it. The thought of going through the filing process is a tedious prospect that most people find overwhelming. Often, they tend to put off protecting their invention for many years. Our experience with the process, our background as engineers, and our knowledge of this area of law will allow us to help you through each step smoothly and efficiently. Once we get involved, you will have no reason to feel overwhelmed.

What Should I Expect During the Filing Process?

The filing process consists of various steps and requires the involvement of a few entities: you, your patent attorney, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We draft an application, striving to ensure that your invention covers the most breadth possible to adequately protect your idea in Tampa. We are precise in our drafting and strive to obtain the best protection allowable by the USPTO. The process may take up to three years, even when things go smoothly.  But, refusals, challenges, or filing deficiencies can significantly delay or preclude issuance. Our job is to make sure we draft a strong patent application to avoid any unnecessary delays or refusals.

Here is what to expect:

  • The Application. This step involves creating an application that discloses and claims your invention accurately and thoroughly. The goal of the application is to convince the examiner that your invention deserves protection. During this step, it is important to have a Tampa patent attorney who understands your invention so that it may be disclosed and claimed accurately.
  • The Filing Process. After you are satisfied with the patent application, our team will file it with the USPTO. Once submitted, it will have to wait to be analyzed by an examiner. During this stage, examination can take up to 18 months or more, depending on the current waiting period.
  • The Publication. After the 18-month waiting period, in most cases your invention will be published.
  • The Negotiation. Once the examiner has reviewed your invention, she may attempt to narrow the scope of your claims while your Tampa patent attorney negotiates on your behalf to ensure the broadest protection. This point is critical in the process because the claims of your patent will define the scope of your protection. Your team at Larson & Larson, P.A. will do our best to ensure you get the best possible protection.

The process from beginning to end takes approximately three years. This is not something that can be accomplished overnight. If you have been hesitating, starting the process with the help of a patent attorney in Tampa is a great way to seek protection today.

Call Your Patent Attorney and Get the Process Started Today!

It takes time, but once you get start the process with the help of a Tampa patent attorney, you can develop your manufacturing plan while your application is pending before the USPTO. Do not hesitate — call Larson & Larson, P.A. at 727-546-0660. Our team is composed of engineers and scientists who understand this area of law, and speak your language thoroughly.