Patent protection is essential for those who care about their intellectual property in St. Petersburg. Without it, others can claim your work as their own and benefit from it while you remain uncredited.

What is a patent?

This refers to the rights given to an inventor by the federal government. These rights provide the inventor with control over who makes, sells, and uses their product or idea for a certain amount of time. The United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, issues these rights.

These rights exist to promote progress and keep the intellectual property of inventors safe. In addition, the system encourages people to develop and invent without fear of others stealing or wrongfully benefitting from their ideas.

How do I know if my invention is already patented?

If you worry your invention already has patent protection, there are a few ways to check. The simplest way is to search online, as assignment records are visible to the public. Around the country, there are several USPTO Depository Libraries that would also have the information you need. The most efficient and reliable solution would be to hire an attorney in St. Petersburg to conduct these searches for you.

Why file for patent protection?

Filing for patent protection guarantees that the inventor can control who can, or more specifically who cannot, make, sell, or use their invention while the safeguard exists. In addition, achieving rights to your inventions can keep competition away. Without this safeguard, people can take your ideas as their own. This means they can make and sell your invention and potentially put you out of business with your own product.

Do I have to have a lawyer to file for a patent?

You do not have to hire a lawyer when seeking patent protection. However, it is highly recommended. Filing an application is a complicated process. An inventor often faces trouble when going through this procedure alone. With a St. Petersburg attorney, there is little need to worry. A legal professional who has experience in intellectual property guides you through the process step-by-step.

Larson & Larson has obtained over 900 U.S. and foreign patents in over 30 years. The knowledge and experience of this team makes the process smooth for inventors.

How do I obtain a patent?

Following the application process is essential to successful patent protection. There are many steps to achieve a patent and having a St. Petersburg attorney by your side and handling the details ensures all steps are followed correctly.

After first verifying that the invention is not registered with the USPTO, the applicant must:

  • determine whether the invention is best protected by a design, utility, or plant patent application;
  • decide how to file;
  • determine whether a provisional or non-provisional application is best;
  • prepare; and
  • file.

In St. Petersburg, lawyers with experience in patenting ideas have the answers when it comes to determining the type of invention and application. Many inventors have applied and been granted their rights without the assistance of a law practitioner. However, legal professionals reduce stress and risk of error for inventors.

Where can I go wrong?

Filing for patent protection is not as simple as it seems. You must follow many rules, regulations, and processes carefully to achieve a claim over your intellectual property. Without the assistance of a knowledgeable St. Petersburg attorney, it is easy to make mistakes. These include:

  • sending your application to the U.S. Copyright Office instead of the USPTO;
  • failing to include proper drawings and descriptions; and
  • not paying the necessary fees.

While these mistakes seem simple, they can cost applicants time and money. A lawyer works by your side every step of the way and takes care of the many intricate details.

Larson & Larson, P.A.

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We also handle other similar matters including trade secrets, trademarks, and licensing. Our professionals have experience in many areas, including biotechnology, networking, computer architecture, and software as well. We work to give our clients legal services and counseling that establish, maintain, and enforce their intellectual property rights. For more information on how we can help you, visit us online or call us at (727) 546-0660.