Protecting intellectual property requires detailed attention to the patent registration protocol. Although complex to obtain, registration for a patent is the only way to secure a limited monopoly for your product in Tampa.  The attorneys at Larson and Larson can help you through each step of protecting your invention through registration with the USPTO.

The Basics of Patent Registration

Patent registration involves a significant amount of research and due diligence to ensure that you file an application for an invention that is novel, useful, and nonobvious. Here is a quick look at the process:

  1. Classify your invention. Identify your product and the type of protection it will need in Tampa.
  2. Determine whether your invention is novel and nonobvious and capable of registration. Not every new creation will meet the criteria required for patenting. We can help you understand whether your invention is patentable.
  3. Type of patent needed. Once you know that your innovation is patentable, we can determine which patents are most applicable to protecting your invention: utility, design, or plant.
  4. Choose an attorney you can trust in Tampa. Once you know that you have invented a patentable product, choose a patent attorney to help you through the application process. We can help you determine the fees involved and the necessary steps.
  5. Prepare and file the patent application. Your patent lawyer is your best support during this process. Our patent attorneys can ensure your application meets the specific legal requirements in drafting and filing.
  6. Working with the patent examiner is a crucial part of patent prosecution. Our patent attorneys will negotiate the scope of your invention with the patent examiner and strive to obtain the broadest scope for your patent.
  7. Notice of allowance. Once your application is allowed, you can exhale knowing that your invention is patented. The notice of allowance provides you with the issue fee to finalize your registration. Now, all you have to do is pay the fees, and a patent registration number and issue date will be assigned. You can then expect to receive patent at the time of issue in Tampa.
  8. Once your invention is patented, it is your responsibility to keep it from expiring. You will be required to pay certain maintenance fees at the 3-, 7-, and 11-year anniversaries of registration to preserve your rights.

The time it takes for your patent to go from filing to issuance can take approximately three years. The delays are dependent on the USPTO.  Our attorneys can research whether certain criteria for expediting your application apply in your situation.

Patent Registration for International Protection

Patent registration in the United States can only protect your invention within the United States and its territories. Your patent rights are not global or international, but our patent attorneys are happy to discuss ways to protect your intellectual property in other countries if you wish to patent your inventions abroad.

International laws you should be aware of include:

  • The Paris Convention: this inceptive international agreement was formed in 1883 to protect intellectual property internationally. It aims to protect the widest scope of IP, including patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, utility models, geo indications, industrial designs, and unfair competition repression.
  • The Patent Cooperation Treaty: this international law treaty formed in 1970 created streamlined procedures for filing, publishing, and patenting inventions in participating nations. Presently, the PCT includes 152 countries.

Your patent attorney in Tampa can help you understand the steps required, the fees involved, and use of international treaties to protect your invention through the patent process.

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