If you are starting a small business or just looking to define your brand further, registering trademarks can be an effective way to secure your intellectual property from theft. Without your marks being officially registered, anyone could hypothetically steal your mark and apply it to identical goods or services. One of the experienced intellectual property attorneys at Larson & Larson in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area can help you through the process so that you can rest assured that your brand is protected. Get in contact with us today to discuss taking the next step in verifying the availability and protection of your trademark.

What Do You Need to Know When Registering Trademarks?

A trademark is your brand. It can be a word, logo, or phrase that represents the vision and output of your brand. Registering trademarks allows you to have ownership over the specific mark for your business; no one can copy or steal it. A few things to note about the application process include:

  • The process has strict deadlines.
  • Any information submitted becomes public record and can impact the strength of your registration.

To best ensure the success and quality of your trademark, hiring an intellectual property attorney in the Clearwater area can be an asset.

How is a Trademark Different from Copyright?

You might be wondering whether a trademark and copyright are the same thing; and if so, do you need to register for both? The answer is no, they are not the same thing, and depending on the type of protection, both trademark and copyright registrations may be beneficial. The main difference is that a copyright only protects the actual work of authorship: books, art, music, the design of a logo, or other original works. A copyright does not protect a slogan, name, or title. When registering trademarks in Clearwater, it is good to know the parameters of what is protected. At Larson & Larson, our experienced intellectual property attorneys can show you the best form of protection and how to begin.

How Will a Trademark Attorney Help Me?

When registering trademarks, there are many specifics to work out and guidelines to follow. Seeking the help of an experienced intellectual property attorney can help you feel more secure in the application process. An attorney with experience should have successfully assisted clients with securing trademarks in the past; doing so gives them the knowledge of what works and what does not. Your attorney in the Clearwater area may help you to improve upon your existing plan for an increased likelihood of approval. In addition to offering an experienced eye, your attorney is also familiar with the process of filing an application. For someone who is attempting to register on their own, the process can be overwhelming; let your attorney help.

Professional Help for You in Clearwater

At Larson & Larson, our team is comprised of many experienced and committed attorneys who help clients in Clearwater and beyond with registering trademarks, patents, and copyrights. If you are seeking the help of a legal professional in any of these areas, get in contact with us today. You can set up a consultation with us by calling our office at (727) 546-0660, as well as leaving a message on our website.