Do you own a brand name in Largo? If you own product or provide a service, your name matters. An experienced trademark attorney at Larson and Larson, P.A. can help you make sure that your name and reputation receive nationwide (and even worldwide) protection from infringement.

Your Trademark Attorney Can Help You Secure Your Brand

Brand names have a long history of becoming synonymous with the business or product they identify. Sometimes, the product is so closely identified with an identity that it becomes the cultural name for that product. “Kleenex®” for instance, has become interchangeable with the word “tissue” in many American homes. The same goes for Band-Aid as being the accepted name for a bandage. These well-known trademarks are perfect examples of why brand names are so important to establish.

Developing a strong, nationwide brand takes a lot of effort. The protection of your brand name matters if you are in the process of developing a product line. Your Largo trademark attorney can help you through the course of registering your trademark. While you can still enjoy some protection benefits to your brand name, product name, or logo thanks to common law, trademark registration has tremendous value.

What Is Common Law and What Does it Do for Me?

Common law offers some protection for your brand name, product name, or logo even when it is not officially registered.

Benefits of Common Law for your Brand

The benefits of common law for your brand include:

  • You are not required to register your name or logo with the USPTO.
  • There are no fees involved.
  • You will not need to hire a trademark attorney in Largo.
  • You may have protection if your logo is being used.
  • The first user of a logo has the rights to use it.

The Downside of Common Law for your Brand

There are a few downsides of common law that may affect your brand. These include:

  • Reach. The small geographic reach can be one of the biggest issues. If someone else uses your logo in a different geographic location, their presence will limit your ability to expand into that region.
  • Defense. If your brand name is infringed, it will be challenging for your trademark attorney to enforce your trademark rights. This is because it is not federally registered and proving the extent of your common law rights may be difficult depending on your evidence of use.

Having common law rights is a great benefit to American businesses. But, when you have a solid brand, you should go the extra step for ironclad protection. Your trademark attorney in Largo can help you through the entire process of registering your logo or navigating the litigation process if your brand is infringed.

How Will My Trademark Attorney Help Me Get My Logo Registered?

One of the most important steps in registering your brand name or logo is the initial due diligence. Your trademark attorney in Largo can conduct a trademark search to ensure that your mark is not already registered. Careful research will allow you to register or make necessary amendments to your mark before applying. This way, you can avoid paying extra fees and wasting time only to be rejected because your trademark is confusing similar to another’s mark.

Once we know that your brand name is not already in use and is eligible for registration with the USPTO, we will begin the application process in Largo.

Benefits of Federal Registration

The benefits of federal registration are plentiful. For example:

  • Your brand name will have federal protection nationwide.
  • You gain the advantage of having an official public record of ownership.
  • You can add the official symbol ® to your brand name.
  • If your brand name is infringed by someone else, your trademark attorney can take them to court.

Registering your brand name with the USPTO is the best form of protection for your product’s name and reputation.

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