A trademark protects a brand owner’s intellectual property from infringement. This safeguard keeps others in Tampa and the rest of the United States from using logos and brand names that belong to the owner. Ultimately, filing for a trademark could save your business from facing legal issues that may jeopardize your livelihood.

Do I Have to Register My Brand?

You are not required by law to register your trademark in Florida or anywhere else in the United States.  Many people consider the application process a hassle and chose not to pursue legal protection. However, while registering is not legally required, it is still an excellent way to protect your business. Not registering may leave your brand vulnerable and you may lose rights if someone else decides to officially register with the USPTO.

If your brand name is more than a simple description of the goods or services you offer in Tampa, consider registering it. With a unique name, protecting and enforcing your rights is more important.

How Do You File for A Trademark?

The filing process has many steps that must be followed carefully to increase the likelihood of success. The most critical step before you begin registering is to search the Trademark Electronic Search System Database for marks that are similar or identical to yours. If you find a similar or identical mark, you may not be able to register your mark. However experienced trademark attorneys, like Larson & Larson in Tampa, may be able to distinguish your trademark from other registered marks.

If no confusingly similar trademarks exist, you can begin the application process for your logo or brand name. The USPTO suggests using their online application system to register. After applying, it is critical to continue to monitor the status of your application to ensure you do not miss any deadlines. This process often lasts for nearly a year and requires diligence.

After you meet the filing requirements, a USPTO attorney will examine your application. If the Examiner decides your word mark, logo, or symbol should be registered, but adjustments need to be made, you will receive a letter explaining any issues. If the Examiner approves your amendments, your trademark is published, and your intellectual property gains protection.

Do I Need Legal Assistance?

Legal assistance is not a requirement when filing for a trademark in Tampa. However, hiring an attorney to assist you throughout the filing process has many benefits. While an attorney cannot guarantee approval with the USPTO, their assistance is beneficial in filing trademark applications. Intellectual property rights lawyers understand the rules and regulations surrounding copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property protection. These professionals are experts in the application and filing process, meaning they are more likely to identify mistakes that an individual without experience may miss. In addition, they know the correct terms to use and how to make the process go as smoothly as possible while providing the most protection possible.

Applying for intellectual rights is a legal proceeding that is very complex. The assistance of a legal professional in Tampa eases the burden of navigating the process yourself.  Also, attorneys conduct comprehensive searches of existing applications and registrations to ensure you do not violate any laws with use of your trademark. A less-than-thorough search performed by an applicant without the aid of an intellectual property lawyer can result in legal problems down the road.

What If Someone Infringes on My Trademark?

Hiring a Tampa trademark lawyer during the application process also has positive effects in the long run. These professionals can monitor your brand names and logos to ensure they are not facing misuse. If you are accused of infringing another’s trademark, the lawyers are ready to assist you in resolving the issue. Legal professionals have experience in court proceedings for intellectual property and understand how the court evaluates these cases.

If you believe you are dealing with infringement in Tampa, contact an attorney for assistance. They help you determine whether it is true infringement before taking action.

When someone uses your trademark, they may be taking customers and profits away from your company. For the sake of your business, it is vital that you get in touch with a professional to resolve this matter.

Larson & Larson: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in Tampa

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