If you have decided to brand your product or service, you should consider acquiring a trademark registration in order to keep others from using your brand to profit. Not only can trademark infringement cost you money, but it can also hurt your reputation, especially if the infringer is selling a lower quality product. With the help of the Tampa trademark lawyers at Larson Patent Law, you will be able to feel confident knowing that your brand is protected 100% of the time, in all possible ways.

How Can a Trademark Lawyer Help You?

The key to protecting your brand is planning for infringement before it happens. The first step in protecting your brand is creating a strong business name and logo. A strong trademark is one that is easily identifiable and distinguishable from other marks. You do not want a mark that is too descriptive, as it will be harder to distinguish your goods from others.

Creating a strong trademark is the key to obtaining the best protection possible. As trademark lawyers in Tampa, we know that the strongest marks are suggestive, fanciful, or arbitrary:

  • Suggestive marks relate back to the goods or services, or to its quality, without merely describing the nature or characteristics of the products. Some examples include the gas station 7-Eleven, originally open from 7am until 11pm, or Mustang cars which allude to how fast and powerful they are.
  • Fanciful trademarks are actually made up words that identify a brand. Some examples include: Kodak, Verizon, and Exxon.
  • Arbitrary marks are plain words that, out of context, do not relate to the product at all. This can include Apple for computers or Grey Goose for vodka.

Larson Patent Law

At Larson and Larson in Tampa, our trademark lawyers will be able to help you from the very beginning. To build a strong brand it is important to start with a strong trademark. Having skilled lawyers helping you, will ensure you are well-protected.

Larson Patent Law has been helping the residents of Tampa Bay for more than 25 years. No matter if you have been accused of infringement or if you think someone is unlawfully copying your brand, we will be able to analyze your case to build a strong defense or enforce your trademark rights. Call us today for more information at 727-546-0660.