As an inventor, you want to protect your idea by registering it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. To do so, it is best to meet with patent attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to solidify your application and ensure that you are covered. If you are preparing to meet with lawyers in the St. Petersburg area, consider the following tips to make the most out of your consultation and secure protection of your intellectual property.

Know the Process

To file a patent with the USPTO, you will first need to apply. Before filling out and submitting the application, you will need to do some research and make sure that your invention is unique, patentable, and falls within the USPTO’s guidelines. Searching a database for patents that already exist is an essential step. If yours is too similar to one that already exists, you will be wasting your time and money applying. Instead, trust patent attorneys to help you with your search and make sure that your idea is truly novel. In St. Petersburg, Larson & Larson can help you determine if your idea is eligible for patenting.

Research Your Patent Idea

To facilitate the research portion, bring a written description of your invention to your meeting. Also, bring any sketches or diagrams you have that detail the idea, visually. Also, bring along any research you have conducted on your own.

Patent Application Drafting

Once a patent attorney helps you determine if your idea is unique, you will begin the drafting process. The application is critical and must be airtight for submission. The USPTO has strict requirements for applications, and anything amiss is grounds for denial. During the application drafting process, your lawyer may have many questions for you. Be prepared to answer all questions. This is your invention, and you need to be able to explain and identify everything about it.

Submission of Patent Application

After drafting the application, your lawyer will work with you to finalize the application, preparing it for submission. Once it is complete, your patent attorney will submit the application to the USPTO. The USPTO will then review your application. If they require any additional information or documents, your lawyer can help you respond to any necessary actions.

Patent Success

Finally, if your application receives approval, you will have a successful patent. Your patent attorneys in St. Petersburg can then help you legally if you need to defend or enforce your intellectual property against infringement.

Choose the Patent Attorneys at Larson & Larson in St. Petersburg

The entire patent process requires patience and perseverance, so choose patent attorneys in St. Petersburg who are easy to work with, listen to your concerns, and who are on top of their work. Choose Larson & Larson, P.A. for professional, experienced lawyers who can help you protect your intellectual property. Call our firm today at (727) 546-0660 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.