International PracticeThe current model of international practice in business can mean that filing applications for patents and trademarks are the best ways to protect your products or innovations worldwide. Larson and Larson patent and trademark attorneys maintain strong relationships with law firms throughout the world. They can help you file and manage foreign intellectual property applications using their thorough knowledge, experience, and network of foreign associates to ensure you reap all of the benefits of intellectual property registrations throughout the world.

International Practice for Trademarks

If your international practice takes your product, logo, slogan, or design into foreign countries, you should know that other nations may not honor your U.S. patent and trademark rights unless you have separately filed in the foreign country.

A trademark is an important aspect of marketing your product and upholding your commitment to quality. When others begin using your trademark for lower quality products, it negatively affects your brand.

In international practice, a trademark may include:

  • A word
  • Symbol
  • Design
  • Or a combination of words, designs, and symbols

Trademarks are used as your company signature to identify your brand of products and services and to distinguish yourself from others.

How United States Trademark Rights Differ from Other Countries

In the United States, “common law” protects the use of your mark within your area of use. U.S. common law rights are not valid in other domains, and if you would like to protect your brand in the countries where you coduct business, through our foreign associates, we can help you understand the trademark requirements of the foreign countries.

International Practice for Patents

If your patented products are traveling overseas, additional protection is required even if you have a patent issued by the United States Patent Office. International practice is complicated when navigating on your own, especially in countries that are known to have many scam artists and fraud experts who may claim to help you through the process, only to leave you empty-handed.

The attorneys at Larson and Larson have established reliable connections and can help you be sure that you efficiently file the proper documents with each foreign office.

The different types of patents can fall into one of three categories:

  1. Utility patent. This protects the functionality of any invention, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or a new process or improvement.
  2. Design patent. This protects the ornamental features of an object of production.
  3. Plant patent. This allows anyone who discovers and uses asexual reproduction to reproduce a new and distinct plant variety.

One of the main challenges that many people face when dealing with international practice involves researching the archives to ensure that your innovation, design, or plants do not already hold rights are novel. Language barriers make searching difficult to do on your own, and having professional help can make your journey more efficient.

Call Larson for Assistance with Trademarks and Patents in International Practice

If your product is capable of becoming a hot commodity overseas, it is time to think about international practices in intellectual property protection. Remember that laws, rules, and regulations are different from country to country, and even if you hold the necessary guarantees in the United States, they may not be honored once you cross the border.

Many countries worldwide love American products and branding. It is not surprising that others try to mimic, steal, or outright copy American designs, trademarks, and inventions. Make sure to protect your business with the help of knowledgeable patent and trademark lawyers at Larson and Larson. Call us today to at (727) 546-0660 to discuss your trademark or invention.