Intellectual Property Litigation

Larson Patent Law is an intellectual property litigation law firm that aggressively protects the intangible creations of people nationwide, especially local Largo and Clearwater residents. We are Florida Bar members and represent both plaintiffs and defendants in U.S. Federal and Florida State Courts.

What is Intellectual Property Litigation?

It embodies all laws regarding trademarks, patents, and copyrights aimed to allow inventors, authors of original works (including art, music, ideas, inventions, etc.), and creators of brands to be protected from issues such as infringement and unfair competition. Intellectual property (IP) can be protected under both state and federal laws.

The four most common types of intellectual property litigation are:

  • Patent Litigation: Patents protect an individual’s invention for a specific period of time. Patent infringement exists when another individual or entity makes, uses, or sells a patented invention.
  • Trademark Litigation: A trademark can be any word, phrase, design, or symbol that represents the goods or services of an individual, business, or organization. The federal registration symbol ® can only be used once the mark is officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Larson provides intellectual property litigation for trademark infringement. Trademark infringement exists when an individual or entity uses a trademark that creates a likelihood of confusion with another’s trademark.
  • Copyright Litigation: A Copyright prevents an author’s work from unauthorized use, display, or duplication. This often reassures the author that he will receive the deserved credit and compensation for his work. Copyrights protect artistic, literary, musical, and dramatic works and whether or not the works are published or unpublished. Our attorneys assist authors and copyright owners as well as alleged infringers in litigating copyright infringement claims.
  • Unfair Competition: If a business is competing on unequal terms, it is known as unfair competition. This can happen if one business has an unfair advantage over another legitimate business, such as when a competitor uses tactics like predatory pricing or false advertising. When a business uses another’s trademark to promote its goods and services, trademark infringement and unfair competition may exist. Our firm can represent you in intellectual property litigation for situations such as these.

Why You Need an Attorney for Intellectual Property Litigation

Whether you are suing another or being sued for intellectual property infringement, believe a company with a mistakenly similar logo is infringing your trademark, or notice a competitor is using unfair business tactics to gain control of the market share, your chances of legally protecting your property becomes a significantly smoother process with the representation of an intellectual property attorney. To put it simply, our attorneys have experience when it comes to these cases, and our attorneys develop the best litigation strategies possible, regardless of the type of industry.

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