Patent Attorney Clearwater

If you’re an inventor in Clearwater, you need a patent attorney who can help you protect your intellectual property (IP.) Whether it’s guarding your existing corporation or a business model you have in mind from pilferers, it’s a crucial step in security. A single patent application is legitimate for 20 years in the United States. It also promotes the maintenance of an innovative practice. After all, you’re a thinker and creator. Why spend your valuable time focused on legal proceedings? The process is elaborate, detailed, and time-consuming. Let a lawyer knowledgeable in this area safeguard your IP.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

We live in a world with ever-advancing technology, which means the avenues for exposure only increase. Your Clearwater business may be more accessible than you realize. Without a proper defense from a patent attorney, you could become a victim of theft, counterfeiting or piracy. These, in turn, affect:

  • Devalued Assets
  • Loss of Income
  • Loss of Reputation

If someone tries to take your product and resell it as their own in the United States, the risks are enormous for you. This individual has likely altered the product in some way to make it even more profitable for them, which increases safety and health hazards of its users and damages your patentability. Your Clearwater company’s good name could be tarnished by the actions of others who stole your product or your ideas.

Beware of Those Abroad

Protecting your resources in the United States requires guidance from an experienced lawyer, but don’t stop there. Consider taking your security further by hiring a patent attorney who can address the risks posed by companies abroad. Too many small operations in Clearwater have fallen prey to foreign manufacturers who copy their product, all the way down to the business plan and packaging. It is all too easy for counterfeiters to register your materials as their own if you haven’t taken the steps to have it registered internationally. They simply take logos from the company website, as well as your product pictures and information. As an experienced patent attorney, we understand how frustrating it can be to think about someone stealing your plans, so take the necessary steps to secure your assets.

You need to realize that a trademark in the United States will not hold the same power in other countries. If you already export from Clearwater or are thinking about exportation, you must guard your intellectual property in the international markets that you’re interested in. Our patent attorney will handle the process of foreign patent applications by working with a team of foreign associates we trust. This allows us to file applications easily throughout the world enabling you to rest assured that your IP is safe. Let us handle the paperwork while you continue to focus on your growing enterprise.

Larson & Larson: Patent Attorney

Intellectual property is a patentable asset, which should be adequately and legally protected. We want you to put your time and energy into your business instead of dealing with piles of complex documents. At Larson & Larson, we aim to protect inventors and business owners in Clearwater from counterfeiters and thieves of IP. By enlisting with our patent attorney, you put the stylized paperwork in our hands and benefit from a variety of services:

  • Composing the application
  • Application filing and prosecution
  • Novelty searches
  • Infringement searches

Whatever your corporation or product, we have you covered. Don’t neglect this part of the process. Without it, you open yourself to the risk of being robbed of your IP, which affects your profits and reputation. Contact our office today to learn more about how our lawyers can help you.