With the help of the patent lawyers at Larson & Larson near Tampa, you can protect your ideas and intellectual property. By filing with the United States government, you undeniably prove and document ownership of your idea(s), and can legally prosecute for patent infringement.

What is a Patent?

Patent Lawyer Tampa

A patent allows you to prevent individual or business entities from using, selling, making, or importing an invention anywhere in America without your explicit permission. This encourages innovation in the United States by providing inventors with the knowledge and security that they will enjoy the rewards of their own ingenuity and labor. Our lawyers can help Tampa individuals or businesses not only protect themselves from patent infringement, but defend those accused of infringement.

As patent lawyers, the first thing we explain to our Tampa clients are the different types of filings that exist, each relevant to a specific area of expertise:

  • Utility – These protect the inherent function of the invention. Term length is 20 years from the date filed.
  • Design – These protect the overall appearance of a product. Term length is 14 years from the date issued.
  • Plant – These protect plants that are produced by the inventor. Term length is 20 years from the date filed.

In addition, just like any other form of property, patents themselves can be bought, sold, inherited, or used as collateral on loans.

Protect Your Ideas

Today, the most valuable part of many companies is not in physical property, but in intangible assets such as proprietary knowledge and the unique application of new ideas. This is why a patent lawyer is so important to Tampa businesses. In today’s fast paced economy, it is the first company who capitalizes on a new innovative strategy or idea that enjoys the lead-time advantage provided by the law. The right defense and strategy can help you establish the proper legal barriers in order for you to cement effective monopoly rights for your company. Without knowledgeable legal advice, the competition will quickly enter the market and drive down your prices, and subsequently your profits as well.

In order to avoid the loss of a patent, there are specific deadlines that an inventor must meet. An example of one such deadline is that the inventor must file his application with the USPTO within one year of the first date it was made public, or lose all sole rights to their idea. It is also imperative that entrepreneurs do not reveal their idea(s) to venture capitalists or manufacturers without an adequate legal defense by a patent lawyer.

Larson & Larson

Patent lawyers require not only extensive knowledge, but also the experience, connections, and attention to detail to guarantee your applications are filed accurately, or fight for you against patent infringement. For over 25 years Larson & Larson has been obtaining desired results for our Tampa clients. Our attorneys specialize in understanding the federal and international agreements necessary to solidify sole rights to your intellectual property, and will help you at every step including:

  • Preparation
  • Filing
  • Novelty Searches
  • Infringement Searches
  • Prosecution
  • Defense

Regardless of your situation, our St. Petersburg firm offers the services of qualified patent attorneys who can help you completely understand the process. In addition to assisting you with the filing all of the necessary paperwork for your case, we will continue to fight for you by responding to objections, injunctions, and requests for information.

Our network of international associates can help you file patents around the world, as well as manage your foreign applications. If you would like to speak to one of our St. Petersburg patent attorneys for more information, do not hesitate to call us today at (727) 546-0660.