When you need to protect brand, hiring a trademark lawyer for assistance is always your best bet. At Larson and Larson in St. Petersburg, we have been helping Tampa Bay residents protect their trademarks from infringement and helping clients who have been accused of infringement. Call us today to see how we can help you!

What is a Trademark Lawyer?

Everyone in St. Petersburg knows that a trademark is the small TM symbol next to company names or logos. However, they don’t know much beyond that. As local trademark lawyers, we know that this part of the law can be complicated, but we strive to help our clients understand every step.

Some of the frequently asked questions we hear include:

  • What is a trademark? It can be almost anything that helps consumers identify one brand from another. Some examples include a certain color (Tiffany blue), phrase (Nike “Just Do It”), or any other unique symbol, sound or word.
  • Why should I apply for one? When you apply, you will not only be differentiating yourself from other companies with similar products or services, but you will be able to protect your brand’s reputation. If consumers cannot tell the difference between your product and one of lesser quality, they may think that yours is also low quality.
  • How do I get one? The first step is applying, through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for registration of your mark, phrase, or logo in conjunction with some product or services.
  • Why should I bother registering it? Hiring a St. Petersburg trademark lawyer to help you register the mark will provide you with the presumptions of use, validity, and ownership accompanying federal registration. In addition, you are permitted to use the ® symbol instead of TM to show it is federally registered.
  • What is infringement? At Larson and Larson, we deal with trademark infringement cases regularly and are skilled at developing a solid case strategy. Infringement occurs when someone else is using a confusingly similar mark in conjunction with similar goods or services. Infringement considers many factors, including the similarity of the marks, similarity of the goods and services, channels of trade, sophistication of the consumers, and actual confusion.

As local St. Petersburg trademark lawyers, Larson and Larson can help you protect your mark.

Larson and Larson

At Larson and Larson, protecting intellectual property is all we do; we have helped hundreds of St. Petersburg residents protect their intellectual property through trademarks, patents, and copyrights. We recommend registering your intellectual property for the best possible protection. In addition, it is always a good idea to have a trademark lawyer assist with the process to ensure that the final registrations are valid.

We can also represent you if you or your company has been accused of infringement. We know that this involves serious claims that should not be taken lightly. Regardless of what side you are on, know that Larson & Larson are your trademark lawyers in St. Petersburg, and are available to assist you. Call us today for a consultation at 727-546-0660.