Your litigation lawyer at Larson and Larson in Tampa takes your case from start to finish. No matter how far into the court system your suit must go, we fight for you. Our team is here to represent you when you need it most.

What is the Role of Your Litigation Lawyer?

A litigation lawyer is here to represent you regardless of whether you are the plaintiff filing a suit against another entity, or the defendant striving to defend yourself against a civil suit in Tampa. If we take your case, you can expect us to stand by your side, provide legal counsel, and fight for you during each stage of the process.

Due Diligence

We start by doing an initial investigation to assess your case. This due diligence process helps us develop a comprehensive understanding of your matter. As we gather documents, witness information, and facts, this information helps us determine whether a trial will be necessary, or if your situation can be resolved through negotiation and settlement.


If you are an intellectual property owner, your litigation attorney will draft and file your complaint to begin the suit. Or, if claims have been made against you, your attorney will work with you to answer the claims. This stage requires drafting pleadings and potentially filing motions.


During discovery, we identify issues and develop a strategy for submission of evidence during the case. At this stage, we will work on developing depositions, subpoenas, and exchange and gather necessary documents for trial.


The word trial is enough to give most people in Tampa some anxiety, and we understand that apprehension. That is why we will diligently prepare for your trial, during all phases of the litigation. As we approach trial, we will help you gain the confidence you need as we advise you, develop your strategy, and gather expert and non-expert witnesses for testimony.


Often, civil suits are settled before they make it to court, but when they require court action, your litigation lawyer is in his element. Trial time is when we will present your case in front of a judge and jury. Court preparation is an intense period depending on complexity and duration of your case. During trial, we present the evidence while developing persuasive arguments, prepare your witnesses, draft any necessary trial motions, cross-examine witnesses, and do everything in our power to help you win your case.


If your case settles before or during trial, your litigation attorney handles the negotiating, manages mediation and settlement conferences, and drafts the settlement agreement for your matter. If the judge or jury enters an unfavorable order or verdict, we can assist with your appeal and develop an appropriate appellate strategy.

Every case in Tampa is different, and a competent litigation lawyer is one who knows how to handle the particulars of your trial. Our responsibilities will change depending on whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, the type of case, the evidence in the record, and the opposing party and counsel.

How Far Will Your Litigation Lawyer Go for You?

Although we are based in Tampa, know that we will take your case as far as we need to. Even if that means we will need to take it to the U.S. Federal courts, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, or the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In short, we go wherever your case takes us because we care about our clients and following through.

Your Litigation Lawyer at Larson and Larson is Ready!

If you find yourself facing an intellectual property law issue, allow a litigation lawyer take your side in Tampa. Whether you are ready to file suit against a patent, trademark, or copyright infringement, or if another party, entity, or person has summoned you to court, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Give us a call today at 727-546-0660 to schedule your consultation.